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KC-6Stephen TeesChris BuslerPatti OKeefe (Logan OKeefe)Coach SifoniRifkinBrian GormanTony Robison (Connor Robison)Brian & Shannon (Aidan Baugher)Kristin Faight (Nevan Nieves)Tina Shannon / Colin Shannon
KC-4Ann Barnett (Jack)Jenn Somers(Aiden Somers)Held-Bubba HeldTony Robison (Connor Robison)JennSomers (Aiden Somers)RovarTina Shannon / Colin ShannonPJJason Kopenits (Logan Kopenits)Fenton (Aiden Somers)
KC-3Laurie (Nevan Nieves)Tina Shannon / Colin ShannonDawn Moser (Estey)Suzie czafitMatt KliniewskiTina Shannon / Colin ShannonGrandePatti OKeefe (Logan OKeefe)Rich Barnett (Jack Barnett)Farrell
KC-0Colleen Merhar (Logan Kopenits)Anthony Gorman Michael Stanya (Ryan Stanya)Coach BarryJohn Varacallo (K. Rizzo)Thomas WatkinsBrian & Shannon (Seamus Connor)Suzie Czafit (Cj Czafit)Bill Somers(Aiden Somers)Lisa Miller
KC-9Billy Somers(Aiden somers)Tina Shannon / Colin ShannonAmanda Rizzo (Kenny Rizzo)Chuck/Donna KovalcikChris BuslerYvonne (Nevan Nieves)Michael Dalton (Logan)Doris Stanya (Ryan Stanya0Ed/Bun KovalcikPatti (Christian Estey)
KC-1Fenton (Aiden Somers)Jen Gorman Tina Shannon / Colin ShannonTina Shannon / Colin ShannonAmanda De Lorenzo (Anthony Conrey)Brendan HeldChris BuslerJohn Varacallo (K. Rizzo)Matt GormanBill Somers(Aiden Somers)
KC-5Christy SchadRovarThomas WatkinsStephen TeesGrandeJustine Lombardi (Ryan Stanya)Tina Shannon / Colin ShannonTina Shannon / Colin ShannonJune Barbetta (Nevan Nieves)Marybeth (Aiden Somers)
KC-8Coach SifoniChris Barnett (Jack Barnett )Michael Dalton (Logan)matt kliniewskiMark GormanRovar Ryan Somers(Aiden Somers)Marita McKenna (Seamus Connor)Bill BarkerCourtney Watts (Aiden Somers)
KC-2Tina (Christian Estey)FarrellTina Shannon / Colin ShannonJeanine Stanya (Ryan Stanya)PJKenny Rizzo (K. Rizzo)Tony Robison (Connor Robison)Coach BarryHeld-Bubba HeldLisa Damis ( Blake Delia)
KC-7Bill BarkerChip RindgenJennsom1@msn.comMarita McKenna (Seamus Connor)Christine Kopenits (Logan Kopenits)FarrellRifkinKelly (Logan Kopenits)Jenn (Nevan Nieves)Tom Barbetta (Nevan Nieves)